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John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary 2008

John Muir Trust
Wild Nature Diary 2008

This popular and outstanding engagement diary is now in its twelfth edition and contains 58 superb worldwide nature and landscape photographs, a showcase of the best wild-nature and landscape photography in Britain and abroad, with a Foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales.


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John Muir Trust Wild Nature Calendar 2008

John Muir Trust
Wild Nature Calendar 2008

This spectacular calendar of wild nature subjects was commissioned by the John Muir Trust in Scotland to help promote its work in wildland conservation. The calendar contains 12 superb landscape photographs, a showcase of some of the best landscape photography in Britain.


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John Muir Trust Wild Nature 2008 Diary & Calendar
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Wild DVD

wild dvd-rom
Wild, Spirit in the Land is an award-winning multimedia experience of 40 minutes that explores the timeless rhythms of nature and man's place within it. Journey into wild places, to mountain, forest and desert, absorbed in the textures and spirits of the wild. Meet indigenous peoples and hear their song in a flow of gently changing images, choreographed to music produced and composed by Robin Beatty. Wild, Spirit in the Land strives to evoke a sense of wonder, of beauty, elation and tranquility.

Photography and Design by John Beatty
Music and Production by Robin Beatty


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Earthborn – In Celebration of Wild Places

River Map

A colour-illustrated lyrical journey through the seasons along the banks of the river Dee, from the river's estuary near Queensferry to its source in the rugged Welsh mountains, representing a personal pilgrimage for the author Jim Perrin, but also reflecting a deep appreciation of the natural, historical and spiritual heritage of Wales. 45 colour photographs by John Beatty.

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This Mountain Life

This Mountain Life
The life of the Rucksack Club spans a century of social change. From early beginnings in Edwardian Manchester to nailing a headwall on El Capitan, this is the story of adventurous lives.

Published by The Rucksack Club.


We draw inspiration from the pioneers of British mountaineering history; from alpinists and cragrats; from long-distance walkers; from active support teams; from a membership bound together by an ethos of challenge and fellowship.

Exploits of members have been recorded for decades as archival memories in the Rucksack Club Journals, but here for the first time, is a pictorial record told through the photographs of past and present members. They are stories of daring, commitment and sacrifice, a common language of those who go to the mountains.

This book celebrates the first hundred years of the Club's remarkable history.

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Everest poster

Everest Poster
Sunset Light on Everest. Superb colour art poster 180grms. 600mm x 420mm. Featuring golden light on the summits of the world’s highest mountains, Lhotse, Nuptse and Everest. Graphic designed black border.

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Image Prints
All photographs on this website are available as digital prints produced in high quality inks on archive quality papers. All dimensions are available. Please call or email for a quotation and to discuss your exact requirements.
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