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I am delighted to be invited as a team member of twenty photographers to take part in a new conservation initiative called 2020Vision.

This is the most ambitious conservation media project of recent times, and during the next three years I will be supporting 2020V with new photographs and projects about our relationship with nature.

Click here to view 2020v Brochure (PDF)

My work is a story of two journeys, a physical and demanding life experienced during thirty years of nature and adventure photography, combined with an inner journey of discovery, expression, and of learning to see.

“The eye sees not itself, but by reflection…” – William Shakespeare

Complex relationships within nature are now more clearly understood by science and regarded as crucial knowledge to the survival of man as a species. Depletion and degradation of the earth’s natural resources, and concerns of imbalances in the earth’s systems can no longer be left to chance.

Photographic imagery of nature is an educative and artistic tool that demonstrates the vitality of science, the spiritual importance and beauty of the natural world. Through it we can connect with the world, its people, and the elemental forces of life.

My love of nature and photography go hand in hand. As a nature photographer I find pleasure and peace in a quiet moment , and in extremis I am alert and watchful of nature’s power.

As a photographer of wilderness it is the drama of landscape, its biodiversity and wild weather that attracts me most. My work is chiefly concerned with those timeless rhythms of the natural environment, its beauty and simplicity, and man’s place within it.

Hopefully my work is able to lead and inspire others to see more clearly, to learn more, and to care more for this fragile earth.

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